Front row: Tylen, Katie, Kalton, and Mia.
Middle row: Alec, Drake, Keelan, Dessa, Tayla, and Tatianah.
Back row: Mrs. Jill Anderson, Mellory, Kay'Leona, Anthony, Presley, Tangela, Chris, and Mr. Gary Redden.
Not pictured: Meya

Front row: Maurice, Seville, John, Kimora, and Kellycia.
Middle row: Joseph, Ava, Chaz, Haylie, and Anthony.
Back row: Mr. Gary Redden, Kaiden, Kailey, Traven, Brittany, Anna, and Mrs. Kendta Ross.
Not pictured: Duran and Jaileigh.

Pajama Day


Class Theme Day

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