K-12 Music Program

December 13


7:00 PM

Walthill Public School Gym



On November 12th and 13th, 2007 the Omaha Tribe lost two well respected elders:  Mr. Hollis Stabler and Elmer Blackbird.  Both were World War II Veterans and both had degrees in education.  Mr. Blackbird    assisted the school with prayer on many occasions and also worked with the multicultural committee to bring more culture activities into the school.  Mr. Stabler was at our school on Veterans Day in 2003 and also conducted a presentation for the 6th graders.  He brought in souvenirs from the war and ate lunch with us that day.  The students enjoyed the time spent with him.  Both men will be missed by the Walthill School.






I really want to thank everyone who attended the Parent / Teacher conferences in October.  It was great for our students to see how proud their parents were and how much they care about their child’s education.  Continue to share with your child the value of good attendance and importance of an education. 

December and January bring about some busy times in the school.  We are beginning the girls and boys basketball seasons.  Our drama and music departments are busy in contests. This goes along with our students finishing up their semester work in the classrooms. 

The month of December and January can bring about more inclement weather.  Continue to watch the local news stations for any cancellation, early dismissal or late starts. 

I encourage you to take time to visit our school and continue supporting our students in their activities.  The school has placed the photographs from the Omaha Tribal Historical Research project in our high school hallways.  I would like to thank Dennis Hastings for his assistance to the school and being the director of this     project. 

It has been nice to hear that a lot of our families took time to visit our school website.  The school website is http://walthweb.esu1.org/  I encourage everyone to take time to visit our website to see the success stories of our students.

The State of the Schools Report can be found on: http://reportcard.nde.state.ne.us  Click on the school district and type in Walthill.  The school report card is a site where you can look at our district profile.  You can see our reading, math, and writing scores.  The school administrators and staff look at these scores and determine our school improvement goals.  The school is sending staff members to workshops and restructuring our math curriculum to help improve our math scores.  The report card scores show an increase in our reading and writing scores but the school continues to look for strategies to improve all academic areas. 

          I hope everyone has a great holiday season with your children.  Take more time to play with them and listen to their thoughts and ideas.



Ed Stansberry


Students receive “Honoring the Circle” Honors

    Mastery: Students who complete tasks, set goals, or disagree appropriately

B Honor Roll:

DaVina Grant, HopeAnn Merrick, Jesse Tapia, Albert Robinson, Alexa Tyndall, Pearl Moniz,

            A/B Honor Roll:

Carly Harlan, Kourtney Merrick, Samone Parker, Michelle Turner, Danna Miller      Maverick Harden, Mary WhiteEyes, Cherokee Wood, Tony Mitchell        

            A Honor Roll 

Charity Harlan

            Jr. Quiz Bowl Team 

Charity Harlan and Albert Robinson         

            Sr. Quiz Bowl Team:

Mary WhiteEyes, Michael Rodriquez, Maverick Harden, CJ Harrell, and Adrian Harlan

            Art Work Display at Symposium

Alexa Tyndall, Charity Harlan, Carly Harlan, Shaq Moniz, Keene Parker, Ebony       Hutchinson, CJ Free, Luke Lovejoy, David Merrick, and Megan Dale              


   Independence: Students who resist peer pressure, solve problems or identify challenges.

FCCLA Dream Weaver Presenters:

Tony Mitchell, Pearl Moniz, Allie Robinson, Shannon Toupin, Cherokee Wood,

Student Leader Symposium:

Mary WhiteEyes, Adrian Harlan, Tony Mitchell

Football Team Honorable Mention:

CJ Free, Daulton Sheridan, Adrian Harlan, DeAngelo Springer


      Spirituality: Students who are generous or use their social graces

            Student leader panel discussion at the Native American Symposium:

                        Tony Mitchell



Elementary News

Elementary Leadership Conference Shows Us “How To Serve”

Mrs. Ahlers, Elementary Counselor

Every year I get the opportunity to choose 6 students form the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes, to participate in a leadership conference at Wayne State College.  This year's group included, Jonathan Olson and Brenna Parker (6th), Jaylen Reyes and Alex Tyndall (5th), and Dwight Parker and Heaven Cayou (4th).


Over 100 students attended the conference, with this year's theme focusing on "How To Serve" Self-Others-Country-Community.   Students attended sessions where they created blankets for misfortunate children, filled care packages for troops overseas, and discussed how to start a service project in their community.  They also learned how to make friendship bracelets and sang songs about freedom and tolerance.


 During the day long conference the students were able to tour the campus, including classrooms and dorms.  They also got to eat in the cafeteria-it was the highlight of the day! So many choices!


On the return trip, everyone was excited about their day. They told me about the friends they had made and all the fun activities they participated in.  Everyone decided that it had been a very worthwhile day.  Also on the trip home the group made a commitment to find a way to create a better school environment.  This was how the council got started.  Mrs. Ahlers, elementary counselor and Mrs. Wood, 5th grade teacher, agreed to be the sponsors of the group.


 An election was held in each grade, third through sixth, to add an additional student to each grade level.  The following students joined the original six to form a council of twelve students:

Jayden Baxter, Trejen Ross and Alexiss Wood - 3rd grade

Daja Oliver- 4th grade

Adam Kemp - 5th grade

X'Oawinn Parker - 6th grade


We meet twice a month on Wednesdays at 2:35-3:15.


The council's first project will be to host a coffee at 1:30 pm in the cafeteria before the Veteran's Day program on Monday, November 12, 2007.  All veterans and community members were welcome.


We have discussed other community service ideas for this school year, but have not decided on a specific project yet.  The students have come up with some really unique and thoughtful projects.  Mrs. Wood and I are excited to be working with this great group of students.

Kindergarten   Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Rodasky

When asked what the Kindergarten class liked about school, here are their responses:

Joshua—I like learning and writing.                Destiny—I like coloring.          Andres--I like going outside to play. Barry—I like eating food.        

Bessie—I like learning how to count to 100 and getting a prize.

Tay-Shaun—I like to share.                            Beyatae—I like coloring and sharing.

Brandon—I like puzzles.                                 Zintkala—I like to play.

Jamery—I like recess and doing work.           Ellie—I like reading books.                 

Dante—I like going to PE, riding the scooters and going to the library.

Russell—I like reading books.                        Jordyn—I like to count.            Kylan—I like to fish story.

Kalinay—I like reading books.                         Quincy—I like reading books and sharing.    

Jaelece—I like reading books.                        Aiden—I like counting to 100.                         

Kyleigh—I like doing papers.                           Mareesia—I like playing outside.

2nd Grade   Mrs. Bonneau

The year is flying by for the second grade class.  In math we have been working on adding and subtracting two digit numbers with and without regroup.  They have all caught on to the concept with great understanding. We will be moving onto counting money next.  In reading we are working on reading fluency, listening comprehension, and reading for understanding.  My students are writing in their journals everyday.  They edit what they write with me everyday.  They are all making remarkable improvements in their writing skills. 

3rd Grade   Mrs. Kinnaman

Mrs. Kinnaman's 3rd grade class has done a lot of writing this year. Attached are some examples of some short stories. For Thanksgiving we came up with seven reasons we are thankful. 1. Having a house 2. For having food  3. For our family 4. For the toys we have. 5. For our earth 6. For having clothes 7. For being happy.


Once upon a time there was a girl named Maria who lost her pet poodle.

She got worried and went to look for her pet poodle.  She looked and looked. Then she ran home to tell her mom she had lost her poodle. Next, she called her friends and they went out and looked for her poodle.  Finally, she found her loveable poodle. Her friends were very happy.

By Roslyn


Once upon a time there was a girl named Jenny who lost her pet cat. She was so worried and she wanted to look for her cat.  Then she went home and told her mom that her cat ran off. Next, she looked all around the forest, and she went over to her friends, and they helped her to find the cat. Finally, she found her cat at her grandmother’s garden and then they went home. She felt very happy.

By Kia


Once upon a time there was a girl named Allen who lost her pet chow. She got so worried and went looking for him, and she was trying not to cry because she couldn’t find him.  Then she ran home to tell her mom that she lost her dog. Her mom said, “I need to try to find him again.” Next, I ran back into the woods and then I looked in the trees and in the bushes. Finally, I found him. He was in the bushes eating blue berries. I was glad to finally find my lovable dog.

By Jaeclyn


Once upon a time there was a girl named Ally who lost her pet cat. She got worried and went to look for her cat. She looked and looked around. Then she ran home to tell her mom. Next, she called her friends. They went out to look for her cat. Finally, she found her cat. Her and her friends were very happy.

By Ally


Once upon a time there was a girl named Ally who lost her pet horse.  She cried and she got worried and went to look for her horse.  Then she looked and looked around, then she ran home. She told her mom she lost her dog. Next, she called all her friends and they went out to look for her dog. Finally, she found her dog and her friends were very happy.

By Tristan


Once upon a time there was a girl named Brenna who lost her pet dog. She looked all over her house. Then she asked her mom. Her mom said, “I hadn’t see him.” Then she went out to look around the town. She asked her friend and her friend said, “they haven’t seen him.” Next, she called her other friends. They went out to look further for the dog. Finally they found her dog by the store. They took him home and they loved him again.

By DaJuan


Once upon a time there was a girl named Marquel who lost her pet puppy.  She was sad because she thought she wouldn’t see her puppy again. Then she went to go look for her puppy. Next, she went home and asked her mom, and her mom said, “no, I did not.” Finally, she found her. Her puppy was under her bed all this time, and Marquel was happy.

By Marquesa


Once upon a time there was a girl named Nakiah who lost her pet cat.  She was worried and she looked for it and she looked and looked but she could not find it.  Then she looked around but she still could not find it. She told her mom. Next, she told mom, “ can you take me to find my cat please?” Finally she found her cat under a house and she hugged it and the cat said, “Meow!”

By Nakiah

4th Grade Mrs. Modlin

Mrs. Modlin's fourth grade class has been working hard in many different subject areas.  Math has focused on learning multiplication facts and graphing.  The students surveyed the elementary classes and found that most of those students liked pumpkin pie better than lemon, apple, cherry, or pecan.  Bar graphs and picto-graphs were created to show the results of their survey.  The fourth graders have studied a great deal about Plains Indians in our Nebraska history class.  Students have made earth lodges and tipis to show what they have learned.  Many wonderful stories have been written by the fourth grade so far this year.  Their writing skills are improving greatly each week.  One writing activity that was highlighted this past week was the letters written to the veterans by the fourth graders.  They each wrote a thank-you to the veterans and those letters were displayed in the Walthill Post Office for all to enjoy.  Several were read during the Veterans' Day Program at the school on Nov. 12.  We would like to share those with you now:


Dear Veterans,

     Thank you for fighting for our freedom from Iraq.  You have always been there for us.  You Rock!  Sure you can lose some soldiers but you can fight on.  Every day some troops come flying in a helicopter then you'll have more troops.  Someday I will be in the army.  How about that.  I like the military.  I'll fight for my country if I get shot or not.  I will die trying for our USA.  I will live to be a general.  God bless the USA.


                                                                                      Cameron Freemont              

                                                                                      Mrs. Modlin's Class

Dear Veterans,

     Thank you for always being there fighting for us and giving us more freedom each day.  What made you decide to be in the military?  Was it hard?  Well, it probably is pretty hard.  I think I might want to grow up like you and help our state.  Thanks again.  I can't wait to meet some of you at Walthill School for the Veterans' Day program.  See you there.


                                                                                      Daja Oliver            

                                                                                      Mrs. Modlin's 4th grade class


Dear Veterans,

     How is it in the Military...were you scared?  I know I would've been.  I want to be in the military when I grow up.  But thank you for bringing us freedom and saving the U.S.  You were brave to go out there in the Army.  Thank you for always being there when we needed you.  You were always helping others.

                                                                                       Your One and Only true friend,

                                                                                       Shanna Merrick

                                                                                       Mrs. Modlin's 4th grade

Dear Veterans,

     Thank you for always being there.  Thank you for fighting for freedom.  Veterans did you take an oath to protect the USA?

     Doctors and Nurses, thanks for helping the other veterans.  Thanks for being great.  Thanks for doing your responsibility.

     I really didn't like when they bombed the twin towers.  That was when I was only three years old.  When I got older I got mad.  But good thing you are or were in the military.  I would be too scared!

                                                                                      Love Always

                                                                                      Your Best Friend

                                                                                      Kassie Skye Phillips

                                                                                      Mrs. Modlin's 4th grade class

5th Grade   Mrs. Wood

The fifth graders have completed their study of the Revolutionary War, and all managed to pass social studies standard test 8.1.3.  The students studied incidents that fueled and eventually started the war.  They studied major battles and their outcomes, even lining up and walking closer and closer together until they could see the whites of the other groups eyes.  The fifth graders even learned about what took place after the war.  Intertwined throughout the unit were the perspectives and involvement of:  the Eastern Native American, Patriot, Loyalist, French, German, and British people.  To wrap up the unit the students will present a Newscast (for the class) choosing a major battle and reporting on it as a newscaster would.  Mrs. Wood's and Mrs. Stark's classes had a small quiz bowl about the war.  Mrs. Stark's class won this Revolutionary battle and the prize was a day off from studying history.  " The game kept us going by helping us study for our test and the day off was really good," said Jaylen Reyes (5th grade student)


 The fifth graders are currently studying several different Native American Tribes and building villages showing different aspects of their tribe's lifestyle.  Tribal villages were displayed on Friday, November 30th and families, students, and faculty came in to see them.

6th Grade  Mrs. Wood

The 6th grade students have been studying Ancient Greece for the last two weeks.  The class is currently involved in independent study of topics such as Greek Women, Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek Entertainment, Spartan Women, Spartan Weapons, Spartan Warriors, and Spartan People.  As you can tell, many of the students are interested in Sparta.  After they finish researching they will put together projects that will display their knowledge.  Projects were displayed on Friday, November 30th and families, students, and faculty came in to see them..  Shyvonne Tyndall stated, "This is a fun because you get to go on the computer and you get to learn about what you want to".

6th Grade   Mrs. Ferris

The 5th grade and Mrs. Ferris’s 6th grade students enjoyed a trip to the IMAX and the Henry Doorly Zoo in September.  At the IMAX we watched the Egyptian Mummies.  What an experience since the 6th grade students were studying about Egypt at the time.  In math the 6th grade students are having fun with graphing.  We get to make our own graphs while working out of our math books with Mrs. Ferris, and while doing a weather project with Ms. Phillips that started out in science.  We also had the best time scaring the rest of the elementary students (and some adults) at our famous 6th grade Haunted House on Halloween.  Another project we have going is our 6th Grade Book Store.  We sell books to the elementary students during math on Wednesdays to make money for our 6th grade graduation.  It also helps us work with money and doing a business.  This is our second year for the project.  


Secondary News


Mary WhiteEyes Selected for Honor Choir

Ms. Dianna Spirk

Each year,  the Lewis Conference holds a conference choral festival  in the fall.  Each of the eight schools bring choirs to work all day, polishing music together for an evening performance of about 250 voices.  In addition, students are allowed to audition for a select group of 24 known as the honor choir.  The students must send in a recording of scales, arpeggios and a selected passage of music.

 Mary WhiteEyes has auditioned for the last 3 years and has been selected all three years as an alto in the honor choir.  Congratulations to Mary for this distinctive honor.  Mary will also be attending an honor choir festival at Wayne State College on Feb. 1, 2008, for which she has been nominated by her director, Ms. Dianna Spirk.

Junior High Math

In the junior high math classroom, we have been working with fractions and decimals.  We have also spent time solving story problems and reading charts and graphs.  The past few weeks have been dedicated toward our math assessments.

Junior High Volleyball

The junior high volleyball team finished a successful season.  Thirteen girls represented the Lady Blujays.  They were very competitive in every match.  The girls showed great improvement and, more importantly, had fun.

Junior High Girls Basketball

The junior high girls’ basketball team has started practicing. With four girls choosing not to participate, we only have nine girls for competition.  We will continue to work on fundamentals and learn the game of basketball.

High School Girls Basketball

The high school girls’ basketball team has also started practicing. With fifteen girls starting the season this year, we look to be very competitive.  The girls have shown a lot of enthusiasm and dedication so far this season. I am very excited about this season and look forward to seeing many of you at the games.

                                                                                  Mr. Singer

Greetings from the Art Room! Ms. Brenda Murphy


Hi, my name is Brenda Murphy and I am the new art teacher this year. I’ve always enjoyed art and being given the opportunity to teach and work with your kids has been such a blessing. We are having lots of fun learning from each other. There are days when I think I have a class all planned out someone comes up with a great idea so, of course, we have to run with it! Many new projects come from interests and suggestions from the class itself. Of course there are still the basics to be covered, which are not always what everyone wants to do, but in the end it shows in the increased quality of their work.


At the beginning of November the entire education staff went to Wayne State College to attend a Native Education conference. We were asked to bring some of our students art to put on display. Several students were willing to show their work and I quickly matted them and off we went. Many wonderful comments came from people who attended the conference on the quality of the work and the obvious talent our students display. Even though we could not bring everything, I thoroughly agree with the comment that there are a lot of talented artists in our school. I have the pleasure of seeing this first hand. Maybe we should have a student art show during the next parent-teacher conference so you can all see for yourselves.


The K - 2 classes made Indian corn prints using bubble wrap this month. The students each cut a piece of paper in the shape of an ear of corn. Then they took a piece of bubble wrap and painted it using several different colors. Finally, they put the paper on the painted bubble wrap and when they lifted it off it looked like an ear of corn! To make it look right from the field we put 2 pieces of dry cornhusk around them. The kids did such a nice job that they have been used for decoration in the school. The finished pieces from Mrs. Simonsen’s class decorated the bulletin board in the cafeteria. The other students corn was used to create a corn patch (wahaba u’we) outside of the Project Washkon office. The few that were left over made a festive wreath for our art room door! Thanks to all who participated.


We are always looking for local artists in the community that are willing to come up and visit with the students, to talk about what they do, and maybe even teach a short class. The junior high and high school are especially interested. If you are willing, or know someone who is, please give a call or stop in and talk to me about what you have in mind.

Walthill Junior High Football Mr. Glen Randel

 The Watlill Blujays Junior High Football team finished the 2007 season with a 1-3 record.  The losses were to Bancroft Rosalie 46-18, Omaha Nation 22-20, and Winnebago 44-12.  The win came in the first game of the season against Parkview Christian 24-6.

            The team consisted of 8th graders Shaquille Moniz, Narcisse Wood, Keene Parker, Chantler Lovejoy, Jesse Tapia, TaeRyan Parker, Kendall McCauley, and Brandon Charley.  The 7th grade players were Jonah Lovejoy, Lucas Lovejoy, and Anthony Knudsen.  The managers were Andy Tyndall and Miguel Moniz.  The team was coached by Glen Randel.

Weightlifting Class Mr. Glen Randel

A new class that is being offered at Walthill High School during the 2007-2008 school year is Weightlifting.  Eleven students are enrolled in the class, which is taught by Glen Randel.

During the first week of the class the students did a one-lift maximum in the five required lifts.  They are the bench press, military press, incline press, squat and the power clean.  After doing the max lifts, the class will then work on the program of 3 sets of 10 reps in each lift.  The students then will do 5-5-5 sets followed by 3-3-3 sets.  Highlights during the first quarter were Micheal Rodriguez lifting 365 pounds in the squat which is almost 3 times his body weight.  Dale Grant increased his bench press to 215 pounds.  Adrian Harlan increased his bench press from 175 pounds to 210 pounds.  Nolan Grant also hit 200 pounds in the bench press.  Kyle Ross lifted 390 pounds in the squat while C.J. Harrell and Daulton Sheridan each lifted 400 pounds in the squat.







    December 2007
















3 JHBBB home vs. Omaha Nation at 3:00



6VGBB & VBBB at Santee at 6:15 & 8:00

7 VGBB & VBBB home vs. Bancroft at 6:15 & 8:00

8 VGBB 9-10 Bancroft Tourney at Bancroft  9:00 am


10 JHGBB at Winnebago at 3:00



13 JHBBB at Winnebago at 3:0010:00 am Student StartK-12 Music Program at 7:00p.m.


15 VGBB & VBBB home vs. Freeman Academy at 6:15 & 8:00


17 JHGBB & JHBBB at Omaha Nation at 2:30



20Early Dismissal at 1:30

21Early Dismissal at 1:30End of 2nd Quarter



24No School

25No School

26No School

27 No School

28 VGBB & VBBB Mead Holiday Tourney at Mead at 1:00No School

29 VGBB & VBBB Mead Holiday Tourney at Mead at 1:00


31No School