Hollywood Homecoming


This year’s Homecoming events started on September 8th and ran through September 11th, however, except for the tailgate that had to be rescheduled for September 18th, due to the rain. The coronation, parade, tailgate, dance, and lock-in went off great, minus the rain issue. Using the Hollywood theme, the Student Council came up with a variety ways of incorporating it into the week, including a Academy Awards “Best Picture” themed parade to a red carpet Hollywood Premiere themed dance. After the dance, the Student Council provided the lock-in participants with pizza, chips, candy pop, three different video game systems, and open gym, where there was basketball and volleyball. Thanks to all that were in involved: the School Board, the Administration, the Student Council Representatives and Sponsors, Classroom Sponsors, and Booster Club.


The Walthill Student Council Thanks these people and businesses for their donations and time:

q       Chesterman Company

q       Whimmers

q       Title 7

q       Charter West Bank

q       ONCRT

q       Parents of the Student Council

q       Alton Porter

q       Mark and Liz WhiteEyes

q       Mike and Sam Grant


Library Circulation Up In Fall 2009


Congratulations Walthill Public School students!  You have shattered last year’s August circulation record by 216 books, going from 356 to 572 books checked out.  Is September’s record going to follow? 


This year’s Fall “Read Around the World” Book Fair will be held from October 5th to October 12th.  We’ll have lots of books for all ages, and everyone is welcome to browse and buy.  As in the past, $1.00 and under books will be available to help fit book buying into everyone’s budget.  A drawing will be held every day for free merchandise.  Remember, the proceeds go to purchasing new books for the school library.  Free food and prizes will be given out during Thursday’s Parent-Teacher-Child Conferences.  So come join us and contribute to your child’s reading ability at the same time. 


Walthill Public School is still a member of the “If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything” Native American Book Club program.  This is a national program sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin, and is designed to get free books in Native kids’ hands.  Walthill School is, so far, the only Native school in Nebraska participating.  We will be receiving books throughout the year to give as reading incentives.  In last year’s shipments, there have been few teen choices, but that is about to change with a new Teen Book Drop program planned for the fall time frame.  What titles will be coming?  Mrs. Low was asked to make some recommendations of book titles and authors last spring, so hopefully some of our teens’ favorite books and authors will be included in the first shipment.   More will be communicated to you in future newsletters.  If you want to learn more about the “If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything” Book Club go online at http://www.ischool.utexas.edu/~ifican and check it out.  See you at the Book Fair! 


Mrs. Low

Library Media Specialist






Child Find

The Walthill Public School requests your help in locating handicapped children.  The school implements the Federal Handicapped Children's Act (PL 94-142) which guarantees a free appropriate public educational program for all children between the ages of 0 and 21 years of age.  If you have a student or know of any young person with special needs between 0-21 years of age that is not enrolled in an appropriate public education program, please call 402-846-5432 or write to:

Shannon Burgett

Special Education Coordinator
PO Box 3C
Walthill, NE  68067


Picture Day has been rescheduled to

Tuesday, October 13th. 

Don’t forget your smiles!





Music News
Elementary classes have been having fun learning fun songs and moving to the beat.  We have observed the birthday of the Star Spangled Banner, Constitution Day and Native American Week with songs, stories and activities.  The Sixth grade will be attending a symphony concert on Oct. 22 at the Sioux City Orpheum.  Selena Warner and Hope Anne Merrick attended a Choral Leadership Workshop in Norfolk on Sept.10.  Hope Anne also sang the Star Spangled Banner at the football game on Sept. 19.
















2Native American Symposium Students:  No School VVB Sub-Districts

3VVB Sub-Districts

4VFB Playoffs—2nd Round


6VVB District Final




10VFB Playoffs—Quarterfinals


12VVB State Tourney

13VVB State Tourney

14VVB State Tourney


16VFB Playoffs—Semifinals







23VFB State Championship at Lincoln


25Student/Staff Early Dismissal at 1:30

26Thanksgiving Break

No School

27Thanksgiving Break

 No School
















Wazhinga Ti Zhinga Early Childhood Center News


Wow, how time flies!  August is gone….September is here.  Our children seem to be getting into a routine, saying “see you later, have a good day” to Mom and Dad is getting easier.  No time for tears!!  There is too much fun to be had by all. 


We were very fortunate to receive some of the items we put on our wish list last May!! We received the items we needed and even some of the things we thought would help enrich the learning environment. A great big THANK YOU from our students and staff!!! We have been learning and exploring with out new discovery boxes.  The sets include letters, shapes and colors.  We are introducing the letter blocks a few at a time and they work nicely with the alphabet cards we created last year.  Thanks again!


We have been learning/working to make our playground a prettier place to play.  Hostas were donated by Barb Svec of West Point, Nebraska.  Thanks for sharing.  We learned about what a flower needs to grow.  We talked about water, sun, soil, and even were able to touch and explore the roots of the plants. We loved getting our hands dirty!  OOPS! Sorry!  Remember to send children in clothes that can get dirty.  Learning can sometimes be a messy experience.


Note to Parents

Please do not send your child in flip-flops. 

Please do not send your toddlers with earrings.  These pose a choking hazard.  If the child must wear earrings make sure they studs that will not fall out.  Thanks.


Partial group photo.  The hostas we planted are in the background.






Check Out Our WebSite



Wazhinga Ti Zhinga Early Childhood Center


We are having so much fun this year!  We are learning all about letters, colors and shapes.  Puzzles and shape sorters seem to be a favorite of our students this year.  Literacy is always a high priority of the curriculum.  Books are read to the children throughout the entire day.  Some of our favorites are anything with Clifford and all books by Eric Carle.  I think some of the students and all of the teachers know these books by heart.

Halloween is quickly approaching; with the abundance of candy please make sure to brush those pearly whites.  Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, if you would like to send your child in a costume on Friday you may.  Please make sure to send an extra set of clothing with your child so when we go have lunch and go out to play the costumes are not ruined.  Learning can be a messy business.

We are entering into the fall season please make sure you dress your child accordingly.  We are required to take children out for fresh air daily.  Make sure they have jackets, gloves and hats if needed, also make sure that your child is wearing appropriate shoes to run and play.  Flip-flops and sandals are difficult for their little legs to run in.


Important dates to remember:

October 8th 1:30 pickup/dismissal

***OPEN HOUSE from 3:00 to 6:30 Come and see the benefits of Early Childhood Education. We offer 3 individual rooms to accommodate children ages 6wks to 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, and preschool in the afternoons.

October 9th NO SCHOOL

October 13th rescheduled picture day.








It has been a great start to our school year.  We have seen an increase in our enrollment and participation in activities.  Part of our mission statement is to provide a safe learning environment and achieve high academic success.  It is a pleasure to watch our staff and students in the classroom.  I have seen some great learning opportunities for our children in a very positive learning environment.  We have improved our technology resources by purchasing some interactive white boards and updating our elementary computer labs.  The goal is to provide our students with the skills they need to meet the State standards and requirements for future job endeavors.

 Attendance and tardy issues are always a concern and I would like to thank our parents who have been helping us improve in this area.  This improvement has helped our academic and activities achievements. 

I would also like to thank everyone for filling out the free and reduced lunch information.  If you haven’t had a chance to fill out this form, please come in and do so.  This helps increase our grant and other revenue opportunities for the school. 

The Walthill School website is http://walthweb.esu1.org/ .  Take time to visit our website to see more of the academic and activity achievements of our students throughout the school year.  

The month of October and November can bring about the chance of inclement weather.  I will post any cancellation, early dismissal or late start on the local news channels. 

Parent / teacher conferences are scheduled for October 8 from 3:00-7:00.  Research has shown that parent involvement is a key factor in a child’s educational progress.  Please visit with your child’s teachers and keep the lines of communication open.





Ed Stansberry






Walthill Public Schools




Issue 2       October - November 2009







We the people of                                       Niazhinga wagonze monthina-ama      

Walthill Public School District,                        Tonwongthon tega tapuska           
are committed to generating                            Indadonthiwagaza wegonthipi wegontha
a caring, respectful,                                    Wathaethe kigthiye zhuba 
and safe learning environment,                         Unakathin ge shti Indadonthipiwegontha
which promotes positive                                 Shiathaigon Indadon thiwagaxu shti
self-realization and                                     Indadoninbahon tapuska

high academic success


Effective and Appropriate Help with Homework

Don’t do it for them

Rule No.1 is and easy one to remember:

Don’t ever do your child’s homework or school projects for them.  The assignments were given to them for a reason-they need to learn the concepts, and they can’t do that learning if you do the work for them.


Guidance is Great

Help your children understand assignments by talking with them about the concepts.  Help your children to learn how to think through the process.


Be Encouraging

It can be frustrating to try to master new concepts and complete school projects. Give your children encouragement and understanding as they work things through.


Finally, know when to call for help.  If your child is consistently having trouble with a specific concept, even after you’ve helped explain it to him or her, it’s time to let the teacher know.  In addition to learning the schoolwork, your child will gain some very important knowledge: that it’s smart to ask for help when you don’t understand something.


Calendars for Activities, lunch

And are enclosed


Important Dates to remember

October 8~Early Dismissal @1:30

Parent Teacher Conferences 3pm-7pm

October 9~NO SCHOOL

October 13~Picture Day!

October 16~Early Dismissal @1:30

November 2~ NO SCHOOL

November 25~Early Dismissal 1:30

November 26~NO SCHOOL

November 27~NO SCHOOL








Walthill Public Schools                                                              Walthill Public School

District 13                                                                                            Bulk Mail Permit #4

602 Main St                                                                                         Presorted Standard

P.O. Box 3C

Walthill, NE 68067


Phone: 402-846-5432

Fax:      402-846-5029




   Walthill, NE 68067





















1VVB home vs. Allen at 6:00 Parent’s Night

2VFB home vs. Coleridge at 7:00Parent’s Night



5Scholastic Book Fair  JHVB at Winnebago at 3:00

6Scholastic Book Fair JHFB home vs. Winnebago at 4:00

7Scholastic Book Fair


Scholastic Book Fair Student Early Dismissal at 1:30  P/T Conferences from 3:00—7:00

9No SchoolVFB home vs. Newcastle at 7:00

10VVB Gayville Tournament at Gayville at 9:00


12Scholastic Book Fair



15JHVB & VVB home vs. Santee at 3:00 & 5:00

16End of 1st Quarter Student Early Dismissal at 1:30VFB at Wausa at 7:00



19Northeast Nebraska Sophomore Career Day at Wayne State College.

20JHVB home vs. Emerson at 3:00


22VVB at Omaha Nation at 5:00

23VFB at Wynot at 7:00



26VVB Conference Tourney

27VVB Conference Tourney


29VFB Playoffs—1st Round

30VVB Conference Tourney





Mrs. Ferris & Ms. Loera


5th Grade Math Class


In 5th grade math we did the “Egg Drop” project.  This project involves mass, weight, and creative thinking.  We had visiting parents who helped their child get ready, and also watched the final outcome.  This event also drew many spectators interested in what was being tossed out of a third story window.


Here are some quotes from the participating students:


I did it!  I put my egg in a backpack filled with cotton and dropped it out the window.  My egg didn’t break or crack.  It was cool!

Tyler Lovejoy


We got to throw eggs out the window.  Mine broke.  It was a fun assignment.

                                                            Kia Russell


I learned that not all the eggs are going to survive.  It was a fun assignment.

                                                            Jarron Dillion


It was fun!  Only 3 survived in my class.                       

                                                            Ally Lovejoy


Always remember to put more stuff on your egg so it won’t break.

                                                            Evannah Moniz


Use more bubble wrap and shirts. It was fun.

                                                            Marquesa Tapia


It was fun.  I’m glad I did it.                 

                                                            Jaeclyn Olson


It was a good assignment.  I had fun.

                                                            Sonny Turner


I put a lot of material around my egg, and it didn’t break.  I learned to use a lot of material.  So do the same thing if you have an egg drop assignment.

                                                            Roslyn Saunsoci


I brought things from home and made a parachute.  No, my egg didn’t survive, because I dropped it and it broke on my chair.   

                                                            Trejen Ross


We learned that the estimated amount might not be enough.  It was REALLY fun!

                                                            Summer Robinson


It’s always fun doing a project with your class and working together.    

                                                            Jilene Blackbird


I learned to never cover an egg with just fabric and drop it out of the window.  It was funny when it hit the ground and went, “boom”, I was laughing.

                                                            Alexiss Wood


I learned that next time I will make a parachute.  It was fun.                              

                                                            Jaden Baxter                                                               


It was a very good assignment.  Thank you Mrs. Ferris.                        

                                                            Harry Sheridan


It was a good assignment, because it tested our brain.

                                                Truleono Gonzales


Today I learned that I have to bring my stuff for activities, but the important thing is helping others.         

Zena Grant


I learned that if you bring a shirt or bandana, it doesn’t work.

                                                Skylar DeLaRosa


It was a good assignment, and I would do it again.                                            

                                                Kianna Freemont


It took some time.  It was great.

            Gabe Aldrich






**Parents ~ Student Teacher Conferences

October 8th…..3pm-7pm**

Parent Club will be taken orders for new T-Shirts!

Watch for flyers soon