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Liz White Eyes



Thathita Uda!

(I am glad you are here!)


Walthill Public School is located on the Umon Hon(Omaha) Indian Reservation in Nebraska and proudly serves the Native American community and itís heritage.†††



Library Mission Statement


The Walthill Public School Library strives to provide a vibrant, welcoming environment for teaching and learning that meets the needs of the school staff and students while fostering a love of reading and life-long learning.


Walthill Public School Mission Statement


We the people of Walthill Public School District are committed to generating a caring, respectful, and safe learning environment which promotes positive self-realization and high academic success.


Umon Hon Translation of Walthill Public School Mission Statement


Niazhin wagonze monthina-ama

Tonwonwongthon tega tapuska

Indadon thiwagaza wegonthipi wegontha

Wathaethe kigthiye zhuba

Unakathinge shti Indadon thipiwagontha

Shiathaigon Indadon thiwagaxu shti

inbadon inbahon tapuska

Enonmonshiadi tne uketno wegontha




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