How many siblings? What are their names?
5 siblings. Ansley, Ramsey, Cree, Reeka, and Audra.

What motto do you live by?
"Be Successful"

Who is your favorite musical artist?
I have more than one.

What is your season?

Advice for underclassmen?
Don't get behind on your work.

Who are you most grateful for?
My mother.

How long have you attended Walthill Public School?
For about 2 and a half years.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Working in what I went to college to be.

What is your favorite place to eat?
Olive Garden

What are your tribe?
Omaha Tribe of Nebraska.

When's your birthday?

What inspires you?
My family

What makes you happy?

What is your favorite color?


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